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  • Sarah Bouckoms


I should already be famous. As I am the sister of a great author. But let’s be clear. I’m not the writer in the family. That’s my brother. If I had even just the skill he has in his pinky finger I’d have started a blog long ago. But instead all my life I’ve lived in his shadow despite the fact that he is younger than I am. He is a wordsmith to master all wordsmith. I barely know English.

I recommend you read his writing over mine. However, you can’t. He doesn’t publish any of his work. It’s only been seen by me, our mother and few select friends. This is my saving grace or you’d have skipped to his blog by now. So settle for second best. The blabbering that is mine, slightly inspired by our mutual upbringing, sometimes similar teachers in a straightforward public school system yet ultimately as different as a chicken and an egg. We would both tell you that our real education happened in our lives, but that is not for this blog.

This blog is to offer insight into my thinking, insights, advice, travel experiences, scientific knowledge and personal saga. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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