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  • Sarah Bouckoms

Climate Changed - book review

I recently powered through a book called Climate Change by Philippe Squarzoni. It was a thick book 467 pages. That might cause me to shy away if I wasn’t thoroughly interested in the subject, which I luckily was. What made it an even faster read is that it was mostly composed of pictures. A comic book. However the topic was nothing to laugh about.

It was a very personalized story of how a journalist came to realize the impact his own life was having on the planet, how it changed his lifestyle and eventually he expanded a small chapter on French climate change policy into this book. He talked about the internal conflict from taking a flight, was it worth it? What things could he do to reduce his footprint? But realizing it was bigger than him and needed to come down to policy, which was in turn influenced by consumer dollars. Changing habits. Going to green energy, but reducing energy consumption was at the heart of the solution. He questioned seriously if we still had time to do anything. But what if we do nothing?

The book cited experts who appeared as cartoon guests. This works cited policy and the IPCC document and other peer reviewed journals. There was nothing softcore about this book, even if meant as a comic book.

I highly recommend it as a fast, honest and well balanced perspective on how we have already thoroughly changed our planet.

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